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Fabrics from PTFE-coated / Laminated Glass Fabrics

Fabrics from PTFE-coated and / or laminated glass fabrics can be found through their special characteristics, such as high strength - Unbrennbarkeit - UV resistance, while textiles building more and more use. Already more than 30 years, begun to large areas with such tissues to roof. Based on the experience gained on the properties of materials, this form of roofing now in the whole world as well.

Whether as input roof of the German Federal Chancellery, as a decorative roof stands in Formula 1 station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bahrain are found throughout many projects, the innovative architect of Fachkundigen planned and clothing firms exported wurden.Für the darkening and the interior decoration find PTFE and silicone-coated glass fabrics, because of its good fire-protection properties, often in public buildings applications. FIBERFLON ®, in addition to the manufacture of offenmaschige PTFE coated glass fabrics with the addition of a PTFE foil laminated to be specialized. These fabrics are available with up to 50% light transmission. Ascot or Royal Ascot is a traditional horse races, since 11 August 1711 near London has organized wird.FIBERFLON Its products are involved in this object.