PTFE-coated openmesh glass and aramid fabric

Openmesh PTFE-coated glass and aramid fabric found in the non-woven production as a conveyor belt at the thermostat bonding or as Kalibrierband .Width up to 4.8 m or sideways reported up to 5.3 m are possible.

Conveyors from PTFE-coated fabrics are because of their special properties such as temperature resistance, Antiadhäsivität and chemical resistance in the manufacture of plastic profiles and in the rubber vulcanization in UHF systems. Special Joints and boundary reinforcements are available

PVC kapi pencere üretiminde köse kaynak makinelerinde FIBERFLON Teflon kumaslari kaynak performansini arttirir, maksimum kaynak sayisi ile maliyet tasarrufu saglar.