Wind Turbine Moulding Liner

FIBERFLON PTFE tapes exhibit superior release properties over that of traditional chemical solutions and are used widely throughout the wind industry.  Their proven superiority increases the amount of releases while dramaticaly decreasing processing time and labor costs.

The PTFE mold release tape is a non-porous film reinforced with woven glass fabric.  Cast PTFE film is laminated, in multiple layers, onto the glass fabric creating an impervious release tape superior to that of the competition.  The laminated layers of PTFE film acts as a durable barrier staving off the penetration of epoxy through the tape and onto the mold. The durable fabric in these tapes protect your molds from wear and abrasion while providing superior release properties known to produce 30+ releases with a single application of tape. 


cast PTFE film laminated tapes for wind turbine blade mould lining tapes