Welcome to FIBERFLON®, a globally renowned manufacturer and leading supplier specializing in PTFE and silicone-coated fabrics, pressure-sensitive tapes, and belting products. Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering superior value and unmatched quality to our customers through relentless technical innovation and extensive engineering expertise.

Established in 1988, FIBERFLON embodies a dynamic, youthful structure dedicated to the finishing and coating of cutting-edge fabrics such as Glass, Kevlar®, and Nomex® with advanced fluoropolymers. We extend our services through our dedicated offices and a robust network of seasoned distributors.

Our steadfast dedication to market development drives us to meet our customers' daily needs with operational bases strategically positioned in the USA, Germany, and Turkey.

At FIBERFLON®, our products span the globe, catering to major clientele across Europe, the USA, and every continent. In 2022, a remarkable 90% of our turnover stemmed from exporting our exceptional range of products, leveraging a vast network of distributors and clients spanning more than 65 countries.

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FIBERFLON® performs at high level of technology, combining the most advanced machinery and equipment together with our coating expertise and fabrication experience. Our engineers conduct research and development activities regularly and gives emphasis to the development of ways to manufacture more efficiently which help reduce costs, improve quality and match individual requirements.
Know How
FIBERFLON® PTFE coated advanced fabrics and process conveyor belts are helping to solve problems in many industries interms of using in heat- sealing, curing and drying applications all kind of rubbers, plastics and textiles, food processing, architectural tensile structures, fabric expansion joints and many others.
We supply a large number of customers in different industries thanks to our ongoing product development which is based on application customised and specific materials that provide superior value in use. The key to our success is an ongoing commitment to invest in research and development as well as state of the art manufacturing technology.                                                             
                  ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE